Learn About Finger Starfish

Finger Starfish for Crafts, Weddings, and Party Favors

Finger starfish in nature are usually blue in color. Since white starfish are so popular for crafts and decorating, fingers are bleached white for collectors and hobbyists. Once they are bleached, finger starfish might also be dyed various colors such as purple, pink, and (ironically) blue. A dyed starfish features rich, vibrant color, while softer "dusky blue" stars are unbleached and natural. White finger stars range in color from "natural white" to light beige. They have a velvety, smooth matte surface that beautifully complements corals and seashells in any kind of beach or ocean-themed setting.

Finger starfish are wonderful for crafts!

They are sturdy starfish, easy to handle for children's crafts. Finger stars can be glued into arrangements, or other things (like glitter or sand) can be glued to them. The unique shape of the starfish's arms means they are not well suited for writing upon, but a card can easily be attached with glue or by using string and a hang tag.

Starfish are hugely popular for weddings!

You can use them for favors, setting decorations, scatter decorations on tables, as embellishments on invitations, and much more! White finger stars can be painted with craft paint or spray paint to match any wedding color theme. They are long-lasting and durable starfish, making them the perfect keepsake to thank your honored guests and remind them of your special day.

Small fingers are perfect for place settings and up-close applications, or try a mass of medium-sized starfish in a chest, painted gold for some fabulous, beach-theme Pirate treasure!

Large finger starfish look great in centerpieces, grouped with corals and seashells, and of course you can use them for the classic nautical-theme application: hanging on attractively draped fishnets.

Use them anytime you need to add a beach, tropical, nautical, island or Hawaiian touch to your event!

Other Uses for Finger Stars

Occasionally we've been asked about using finger starfish as cake toppings. This is not a good idea, actually: remember, all starfish are preserved animals! That's not really something you want in your food. Likewise, natural starfish are not aquarium safe. Starfish of any kind in a wet environment will dissolve and decay, and the resulting changes in water quality will quickly kill aquarium fish and aquatic animals. They're not a good candidate for decorating in really steamy bathrooms, either. (They should be fine in well-ventilated baths.) If you need quality artificial starfish, look into our resin starfish and fine glass starfish.

We offer white finger starfish in many popular sizes. We also offer a selection of knobby starfish, jungle starfish, sugar starfish and specialties like multi-leg stars and thorn stars for all your craft, decorating, and party needs!