Tell me about "Aquarium Safe" products?
This means that (to the best of our knowledge) the item is safe to use in an aquarium. (Note that natural corals and seashells are only for use in SALTWATER environments, not freshwater.) Synthetic corals can be used in both fresh and saltwater tanks.

Items that are NOT marked "aquarium safe" may contain residues that could harm aquatic life, and are sold for non-aquarium decorative purposes only. In particular, ALL natural starfish and preserved fish, seahorses, etc. are NOT AQUARIUM SAFE. Always use caution and common sense before putting anything in your fish tank!

Are the corals and starfish alive?
No. We don't sell any live fish or animals. All our natural corals and starfish are commercially prepared for decorative and/or aquarium use. Check the individual item descriptions for suitability for aquariums.

Did you collect all that glass from the actual beach?
Our decorative glasses are tumbled, which means that they didn't come from the ocean. It DOES mean that you get high quality, consistently colored glass that's frosted and smoothed, resembling the real thing. It also comes to you at a much better price!

Are your floats real? Were they found in the ocean?
That depends on the float!

The colorful decorative floats are top quality hand-blown glass floats, brand new, made especially for decorative purposes. These floats haven't been to sea. They are substantially less expensive than the ocean-going variety, come in a wide range of colors, and they look great! They do float if you want to place them in a pond or pool (please remove the ropes and clean them if you plan to use them with live fish.) Remember that they are glass, and don't put them in a pool used for swimming!

We also sell authentic glass floats, which means that they were manufactured for fishing purposes. These are mostly clear glass that has a bluish or greenish tint, and they are also handmade. These floats served their time on a fishnet somewhere in the world, and now they are ready to beautify your home, garden, party, or event.

All floats are individuals. Some have swirls or bubbles, others have varying colors, or bumps or dips. They all have a "bellybutton" of sorts called a pontle, which is where the float was sealed after it was blown. Some pontles are more prominent than others. The authentic floats may also have interesting markings on the pontle, depending on when and where the float was made.

All of our floats are available with or without the ropes. Decorative floats use a thick jute-type twine for ropes. The ropes on the authentic floats may vary quite a bit: some are cotton, some appear to be synthetic, some are plain and others are quite colorful.

I got my sealife order, and it smells! What's wrong?
Nothing is wrong. Certain preserved sea life does have a natural odor, and sometimes it's pretty strong! We'll tell you in the item description if it has a noticeable aroma. Generally: seashells and corals have no odor at all, dried starfish mostly have a slight smell, and certain stars and sponges are downright powerful. Some of the authentic glass floats smell like the ocean as well... after all, they've been floating in it. Again, check the item description or contact us for details.

You still didn't answer my question.
No problem! Just drop us a line or call 714-717-5380 and we'll be glad to answer any other questions you have.